Jump Into Your Life – Jump Into Your Dreams

Your life is waiting for you. Your dreams and aspirations are waiting for you to make them a reality.

Some women dream about wealth, and some actually talk about it. And there are the women who demand wealth—and then take it.


Real Estate Broker, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author and Founder of Purses, Pumps, and Power Network


As the CEO of the Purses, Pumps & Power, Dr. Harris has ignited a global and worldwide movement for women to step into their destiny of wealth. Her organization teaches women how to attain seven (7) purses of wealth and the pumps represents the life work that women must do in their lives, business and careers.

Her newly released book and soon to be blockbuster documentary, “The Black Woman’s Declaration of Independence” will be the beacon call for black women everywhere to rise to new heights, seizing the economic power that is theirs to claim. She continues to pave the path to financial freedom with the introduction of The Black Women’s Trader’s Academy, where she teaches black women her exclusive blueprint to building an investment portfolio they will cherish.

Dr. Jennifer runs a successful team and is also committed to continued professional development and does this through masterminds, educational seminars, and networking events all over the country​.

Power of Now

There is power when you do something NOW; you put things into motion.The more motion there is, the more momentum begins to build. As you build momentum, you begin to move that idea to completion. You begin to finish projects, accomplish goals, and get stuff done.

It all starts with doing something NOW.


Real Estate

This represents women who learn how to invest in real estate, buy their first home or commercial property, rehab & resale properties or buildings, flip duplexes or invest in apartments and strip malls. #RealEstatePurse

Investment Purse

This is about women growing their investment portfolio with their 401K, Roth IRA, retirement accounts, proper investments to grow their portfolio or even double it per month. Bank Products, Bonds, Investment Funds, Annuities & Options. #InvestmentPurse

Stocks Purse

This represents women investing in stocks, flipping stocks, trading stocks, or holding stocks. They will use stocks to add to their wealth portfolio. #StocksPurse

Forex Trading Purse

Women successfully learning at least 3 trading secrets and skillset to trade foreign currency (FOREX) and multiply and compound their money by 5% to 10% daily or weekly. Goal is to have each woman earn at least $2500 per month trading. #ForexTradingPurse

Savings Purse

This involves women who have at least 6 to 12 months of bills saved per month. Retirement savings. Emergency funds saved, college savings & family savings. Proper budgeting & blueprint to saving $1,000,000+ over a 5,10,20 year plan. #SavingsPurse

Entrepreneur Purse

This represents women who have started their own traditional business, direct sales business, or looking to grow their current business by at least 40% yearly. Also learn how to scale their business and potentially sell that business for profit. This includes non-profits. Learn about potential grant programs for minority owned businesses. #EntrepreneurPurse

Career Purse

It's all about women who are wanting to excel in the Corporate arena and have excelled in their careers. Also advancement through career certifications and designations in their respective fields. Either entry-level job to a management position within the same field, for instance, or from one occupation to another or the upward progression of one's career. #CareerPurse

I am so passionate about the work I do within my movement, Purses, Pumps and Power Network, which is all about women gaining financial leverage over their lives while strengthening their wealth purses in real estate, entrepreneurship, savings, foreign currency trading, stocks and other investments. It is about women standing tall in “pumps” and walking in confidence and wellness, spiritually and intellectually. It is about empowering women to start or expand their business, so they are not depending on others. A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else.

Dr. Jennifer Harris


Dr. Jennifer Harris, is one of the leading voices in the world today that is empowering African American women around the world. Her true knowledge of the struggles of women are real and have given her a genuine insight into the answers that unlock the hidden treasures that are buried within the hearts and minds of African American women and women around the World.
Dr. Clyde Rivers
Global Spokesman
The Purses, Pumps, and Power Network has given me a great membership experience. Empowerment, Leadership, Service and Community, I could not ask for a better group. The information has been given to us by not only Dr Jennifer Harris, but other experts in their field. Attending the conferences sponsored by the Purses, Pumps, and Power Network has been full of information, and truly amazing. The networking opportunities have been excellent and the line-up of speakers have been top notch. Thank you Dr Jennifer Harris for being the true leader that you are!
Susie L Sanders

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